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Unread 07-20-2010, 10:13 AM
cdcarr18 cdcarr18 is offline
Seorak Sender
Join Date: Sep 2009
Location: Uijeongbu
Posts: 4
New shoes

I had a friend tell me about this new type of shoe (new to me, anyway) and I was curious about everyone else's opinions about them.

The website is http://www.vibramfivefingers.com

I'm curious if anyone here has used them and what you impression is of them for climbing and/or general use.

If you haven't used them before, would you be willing to try them?

Thanks a ton!
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Unread 07-20-2010, 10:53 AM
tivs's Avatar
tivs tivs is offline
Join Date: Sep 2009
Location: 서울 용산구 남영동
Posts: 33
I have a pair. They are NOT for climbing. You could climb in them... just as you could climb without any footwear on whatsoever. I would never climb in fivefingers.
Personally, I think they're best suited for the trails. I've done 20+ miles in a day while wearing these, and I thought they were great. I felt a bit more "at one" with nature when I hiked in these. They provide minimal protection for your feet, so you have to be mindful of where you step. They force you to be a smarter hiker/walker/runner.
They can be uncomfortable at first --you'll likely get blisters-- but they're great once you get used to them. You'll learn how to utilize your toes more, and you'll also develop stronger/tougher feet.
These are supposed to emulate being barefoot, so I suggest you read up on barefoot running before investing in a pair of fivefingers. The wikipedia is one place to start: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barefoot_running
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Unread 07-20-2010, 10:57 AM
tivs's Avatar
tivs tivs is offline
Join Date: Sep 2009
Location: 서울 용산구 남영동
Posts: 33
Start of hike:

End of hike:

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Unread 05-09-2011, 06:25 PM
nardthefox nardthefox is offline
Seorak Sender
Join Date: May 2011
Posts: 4
I run in them. I own seven pair. I love them and refuse to wear any other shoe (except for when climbing). That said, I did try climbing in them. Easier climbs, relatively acceptable...but not reliable. My sprained ankle (fortunately only that) speaks for itself. It's just not realistic.
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