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Unread 05-16-2008, 11:11 PM
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2008 NEPA Cup Seoul Extreme Championship

I just received the following email 서울산악연맹


2008 NEPA Cup Seoul Extreme Championship

Outline of the Competition

Name : 2008 NEPA Cup Seoul Extreme Championship

Propose : - Promotion of Alpinism - Variation of Alpine culture

Date : June 7-8 2008

Place : Samgaksan mountain (Insu-bong Rock) - Dobongsan mountain (Obong Rock)

Host : Seoul Alpine Federation

Sponsor : NEPA

Way of the game : 2 persons as 1 team mountaineering game

Qualification : Everybody who are interested in mountaineering over 18 years old.

Categories of Competition Groups : men / mixed

Entry Fee : 2 persons as 1 team 70,000 won (100,000 won for Non-member of the Korean Alpine Federation)

Time for application : First come first serve for 50 teams (men 35 team, mixed 15 teams) from May 13th 2008

Way for application : Fill the application form out and the sent it to our homepage (www.extreme.or.kr) and then check the entry number at the homepage or by phone after remitting the entry fee.

Information : homepage www.extreme.or.kr / www.safk.or.kr

Remittance bank : Seoul Alpine Federation Woori bank 169-308193-13-112

Way of judging : Determining the check the competing time and the grade score of each pitch to 2-person.

Prize : Same as the men and mixed
  1. 1st winner 37.5g Gold trophy
  2. 2nd winner 22.5g Gold trophy
  3. 3rd winner 15g Gold trophy
  4. 4th winner trophy with present
  5. 5th winner trophy with present

All competitors : certificate of running the whole distance(limited time) / T-shirts / Overjacket / Climbing pant's / Cap / premium ticket

Gift : offered by NEPA

Disqualification : Under the rule of the game, it will be determined.

headquarters of the game : Greenpark hotel at Wooee-dong.

Others :

It will be held in rainy day.

It needs to be fully aware of the complicated routes.

It is recommended to train ascend the rope, hauling and Tyrolean bridge.

Camping is duty to the competitors.

Information : Seoul Alpine Federation : #207 Seoul City Sports Council building Sangbong

2 dong 136-18 Jungrang-gu, Seoul

Phone : 82-2-2207-8848 Fax 82-2-2207-8847 [email protected]


7th June

07:30 - 08:00 entry the game and check the equipment

08:00 - 08:30 explain the way of game

08:30 - 09:15 start

18:30 - 19:00 opening ceremony

19:00 - 21:00 evening ceremony of alpinist

22:00 - camping

8th June

05:00 -06:00 wake up and breakfast

06:00 - 06:45 start

17:00 - 18:00 prize and closing ceremony


a: headquarter <-> Wooee ridge<->Obong Rock<->Wooee ridge <-> headquarter

b: headquarter <-> Insubong Rock<-> Yookmojung ridge <->headquarter

Evening ceremony of the Alpinist

Date : June 7th 2008 19:00-21:00

Place : Greenpark Hotel

Qualification : members of climbers club in the world


Yodel song concert (Korean Basel Yodel Club)

Quiz games

Best dresser concours (competitioner )

Orchestral music (7s)

Song concert (Singer : Shin Hyundae)

BBQ party

Participants who want to camp should have to apply respectively.

First come first serve 50 camp ground.

camping fee : 20,000won per 1 tent (water and garbage bag are provided)

apply at the homepage and the fee should be remitted

homepage : www.extreme.or.kr / [email protected]

bank : Seoul alpine federation Woori bank 169-308193-13-112

Rules and regulations of the Seoul Extreme Game

1. Outline

This rules was legislated to the alpine extreme game by the Seoul Alpine Federation. The course that should be designed as the competitors can finish the course with knowledge of geographical features, rock climbing technic, endurance and the spirit of sacrifice the teammate will be determined 1 month earlier before the game and reveal it at least before 3 weeks earlier than the game.

2. Participation

Competitors should consist of 2 persons as 1 team over 18 years old.

3. Groups of competition

Competitions divided into two groups; men and mixed.

4. Decide the ranking

Determining the check the competing time and the grade score of each pitch to 2-person.

5. Required equipment

It should be check the equipments and water by the referee before starts the game.

5-1 required personal equipment

Personal gear

1. backpack 2. cell phone 3. head lamp 4. jacket 5. water bottle

Climbing gear

1. rope 10mm*60m (each team 1 rope)

2. pulley (for hauling and Tyrolean bridge)

3. over 2 ascenders

4. over 3 runners (1-m-long sling, for self belays and ascending)

5. carabiner (over 5-carabiner including one O-shape carabiner required)

6. helmet

7. harness

8. 8 figure descender (required)

Camping gear

1. tent (2-person, In case of bivvy-sack, 2 sets required)

2. sleeping backs (blanket and sleeping cover are not allowed.)

3. mattress (over 50 x 150cm)

Cooking gear : It will not regulated.

First-aid :

1. sling (over 25mm*6m 1 per each team for patient rescue)

2. compress (over 3m)

5-2 required emergency food

water : over 1 liter water or sports utility water

food : It will not regulated.

5-3 required supplied gear

number tag : It must be attached at the right thigh.

souvenir T-shirts : It must be worn during the game and opening and closing ceremony, in case of not wearing, prize and gifted present will be cancelled.

6. process of game

6-1 course and route

Each team must find it out by reading map and geometrical features.

6-2 Total rock climbing technic

For safety reasons from rock climbing test with speed, all competitors who climb first in the team restrict to climb with ascenders through the fixed ropes that provided by the organizers and the ropes and gears that competitors carried. Competitors must climb as first come first serve each 2-3 routes of the courses. All the routes take time-subtraction system. Delaying cause of the former, delaying time will be reduced.

Ascending : all competitors who climb first in the team must use 1 set of ascender and there are some routes that second climber use ascender.

Hauling : This technic uses big wall climbing and long term climbing, competitors must climbing and descending with hauling bag.

Bridge down : This technic uses rescue situations when the people worn swept away by swift currents, it should be used ascending rope and fixed rope at once.

Tyrolean bridge : Among the teammates, first competitor descend and ascend between the peaks with gears and second one pass the rope, pulley and ascender that connected to the first one.

First Aid : Test for right treatment of first aid to teammate who set the case of broken his leg or ankle with bandage or splint.

Carry patient on rescuer's back : First aid treated teammate must descent and carried by teammate on his back and belay for the patient provided by the organizer.

6-3 Map reading : Competitors must find their gears or souvenir out on the designated point area by reading map.

6-4 camping : All competitors must camp from 23:00-05:00 at the designated area and do not allow to bivouac or sleep without sleeping bag. If competitor do bivouac or sleep without sleeping bag, he /she will be disqualified.

7. Competitor's guide

7-1 passing the checkpoint : 2 teammates must pass the point at the same time with check the stamp by judge. One of team member can not pass the point.

7-2 Asking for help (rescue) : In trouble, competitors must ask help by phone that is duty to carry it. And all the competitors have duty to rescue other competitors who in trouble and that the time to use rescue can be reduced by the judgement of the umpire.

7-3 supply and support for food : Competitors can not be treated physically and supported like food, medicine, clothes and gears by other person.

7-4 abandonment : It is a ground rule that give up game at the check point but according to circumstances, competitors can abandon game by calling phone to headquarter. In case of stock their stuff to headquarter, they must come to closing place by themselves and have the right to take part in the drawing the lottery that is provided by the sponsor.

8 Disqualification and penal regulation

8-1 It is disqualified that competitor not carry essential equipments and the entry fee will not be pay back.

8-2 Injustice competitor (representation, replacement) will be disqualified and can not participate for 2 years.

8-3 It is disqualified that competitor not check the stamp when they pass the check point.

8-4 It is disqualified that competitor pass the limited time when they pass the check point.

8-5 It is disqualified that competitor pass the restricted area.

8-6 It is disqualified that competitor polluted environment severely like dump waste, break branches and worn raised a row by other mountaineers and can not participate for 2 years.

8-7 In case of abusing umpire, firstly give that competitor warning of his/her act, at second time, he / she will be disqualified.

9. Demurral

All demurral should summit to the president of the board of examiners by letter or word of mouth within 30 minutes after notifying the result of the game. In that case, the president of the board of examiners notifies the judgement by letter within 1 hour. That notification is the final desition and demurral can not do it more for all that discontent.

10 umpire

In virtue of the president of the board of examiners' authority, he organize the umpires.

10-1 Main duty of the umpire

1) Judge and examine against demurral

2) guarantee of game ranking

3) disqualification of competitor and subtraction of running time.

4) Every decision accept a majority decision. In case of the same ratio, the president of the board of examiner decide.

10-2 organization of umpire.

1) the president of the board of examiner : 1 person

2) post umpire : each post 2 persons

3) start and arrival umpire : 10 persons

11 the application of regulation

This regulation will take effect by approval of the council of the Seoul Alpine Federation.


I've attached the original (and easier to read) version below.
Attached Files
File Type: doc English.doc (52.0 KB, 1 views)
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