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Unread 03-26-2008, 01:57 PM
Goulash's Avatar
Goulash Goulash is offline
Ground hugger
Join Date: Nov 2007
Location: Yeosu Jeollanamdo
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12th / 13th April Beach Camping @ Wando

Hi folks,

Just thought I'd invite you to a Beach Party / overnight camp on the weekend of the 12th / 13th of April. It's down in Jeollanamdo (where the weather is fast warming up!!!) on an island called Shinji-do, next to Wando.

The beach is roughly 4km's long and is very beautiful.

I usually host a few camps there each year, but I'm heading of for a few months this year, so I'm not sure how many there will be.

The plan usually goes along the lines of everyone turns up some time Saturday, we build a bon-fire, play some Ultimate-frisbee or something on the beach, go swimming (if you're brave) and then chill out for some tunes on the guitar around the fire at night.

Things to bring:
- Tent (if you have one)
- Food to cook on a fire, & drinks
- Warm clothes & blankets
- Some friends & a happy attitude
- Anything else you'd want for a night camping on the beach

To see some photos of the beach, just look here.

If you're interested & want more info, just PM me.


English Teacher, Photographer & Aussie gone walkabout.
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