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Unread 11-05-2008, 05:33 AM
snackmasterb's Avatar
snackmasterb snackmasterb is offline
From Tejas to Thailand...
Join Date: Oct 2008
Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand - Austin, TX - San Francisco, CA
Posts: 8
Talking Climbing in/around Seoul?: Between Sun 11/9 thru Sat 11/15

Howdy yall! My name's Danilo, or Danny...

I plan to visit my best friend from college who is Korean and now lives back in Seoul, but doesn't climb (!) I've been checking out this website the last two weeks after I googled "Korea + climbing" and am really impressed that you guys have a such a strong western climbing community here. It seems pretty close knit and fun!

I was hoping to meet a few fellow climbers -- between this SUN 11/9 thru next SAT 11/15 -- that wouldn't mind either sharing a pad or roping up together on some sport-bolted routes (lead 5.8 through 5.10d.) I can follow trad probably up to 5.10, but have only had a half dozen trad leading experiences (5.8 - 5.9), so wouldn't necessarily feel I'd bring calmness and ease to the sharp end of a 5.10 crack route. I am still coordinating schedules with my friend, but I think it's safe to say that I'm pretty flexible. Weekday climbing would be awesome and ideal, but I could also check if I could make a weekend half day work as well.

I just left the crags of Austin, TX, and am making a move out to northern Thailand to teach English. I'm visiting Korea first and then starting Nov. 15, I'll be touring Bangkok & one or two of the southern beaches (TBD), and by Nov. 26 settling up in northern Thailand to start my TEFL training class and subsequent teaching. Chiang Mai, where I'll be living, has Crazy Horse Buttress (200+ limestone single & multipitch routes of all variety) within less than an hours drive or shuttle!

I'm totally hoping to hearing from one or more of yall willing to rope up with or share a pad and some local beta!! You guys seem really awesome and down to earth. I promise it'll make for some great new friendships and memories. And, I'll make sure to return the favor if you're ever up in the northern Thailand climbing neighborhood (or near the Austin, TX, community for that matter!

I don't really care what I climb, as long as I can get a nice little taste of Korean rock And, if you think it would be okay to bring my friend Sean, I could try to string him up on one or two 5.6/7 climbs if there are any nearby, just so he could get a taste as well. Who knows, he might fall in love with climbing, too!

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Unread 11-10-2008, 10:08 AM
snackmasterb's Avatar
snackmasterb snackmasterb is offline
From Tejas to Thailand...
Join Date: Oct 2008
Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand - Austin, TX - San Francisco, CA
Posts: 8
Due to coordination falling through for today, I'm afraid I might not get a chance to touch rock after all...

Would anyone be interested in getting out to sport climb or boulder during the rest of this week near Seoul...? (crossing fingers;-)
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