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The one thing I love to shop for, even if it means missing a pro-deal on another brand, is packs. I love the article posted below-- everyone's needs are different, so figure out what you need and hit the stores!

I got my last at Jongno-5-ga in Seoul (best outdoor shopping, with many options for foreign brands). Be sure to try everything on-- I made them take out the stuffing and put in heavy stuff. . . you want the weight to rest on your hips-- women should consider a women's pack-- I find them way more comfortable, though not all women do. I had it down to two, and then I checked both out online and made a final decision. I've been happy with my Tatonka (a couple years now) except the buckles that broke and are a weird size to replace. Oh well. . .

I do suggest sticking to a fairly well-known brand--
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