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Hey, sorry to see this so late! I am a vegetarian living and climbing in Korea for 11 of the last 16 years. Not so hard. I do have a car, but I didn't for the first 5 years or so. Korea has excellent public transport. Most climbing is accessible by public transport. Of course, if you are old and like to camp comfortably (like me!), getting a car is relatively easy-- but get an international permit (required to rent or buy). If you're near a big city, Tesco (HomePlus), Costco, E-Mart and Lotte Mart have many western foods available. Wherever you might be, they'll be plenty of fresh fruits and veggies and of course, rice (most places have other grains, beans, etc also. . . and lots of tofu). Eating out in small towns can be a challenge. While my Korean is limited, my vegetarian Korea sounds fluent. . . I'd be happy to help you learn the important phrases. There are always standbys-bibimbap, hold the meat and egg, or kimbap-- point and choose your ingredients. If you live in a small town, once you explain to a restaurant or two you pecise eating habits, they can remember. You can also order comfort foods (mostly organic) quick and easily from They'll deliver to your door in a couple of days. Just use MY code NAP702 for $5-10 dollars off your first oder (so I get credited for turning you on to this amazing site!).
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