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Dae Ryuk Bong (Busan)

Finally got a chance to go out climbing last weekend (Sunday). I was so hyped to finally get some decent weather (or so I thought). I got there about noon, and of course, it was full of Korean climbers. Anyway, being the nice people they are, I quickly got envited to send some routes (all I brought was shoes and a harness). The wind kicked up and it was kinda cold out, but that didn't let my spirits fade. Anyway, halfway up one of the so-called 5.10b routes I noticed my fingers hurt like hell and then became numb. Because of my enthusiasm, I failed to realize that the rock was ice-friggin' cold. My toes started to ache and they went numb as well. It just goes to prove that even though it is a nice, sunny spring day, the rock is still in winter mode. I only sent twice and that was enough. I made some new friends and was envited to other climbs in the future. All in all, I was happy but slightly frostbitten...
Y'all come to Busan if you can. You won't regret it.
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