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June 2-4 (1-6?)

This is the all-gender version of the WWW thread. . . the more the merrier!

I will head S to an island 1st weekend of June (Tues is a holiday, and I am thinking of bridging it.) There are two islands off Mokpo that are rumored to have sport climbing on the sea-cliffs.

Mokpo is on the southern train line (Gyeongjeonseon) and the western line. Not so far. . .even from Seoul (Yongsan) by train (fast trains: less than 3 1/2 hours; slow trains over 5 hours. Fast trains 6:30, 8:40 AM can get you to Mokpo in time for an island ferry. At night, the last fast train leaves 8:25 and arrives 11:30. . . the last slow train leaves Yongsan 10:05 and arrives in Mokpo at 3:07. Mokpo is the end of the line so if you can sleep on a Korean train (iPod earplugs tranquilizers). . .

Anyone arriving with a few hours before the ferry could get in a few routes at Yudalsan (Kokkiri Bawi--Ricky says they have new anchors not too far from the ferry port or the train station (about W3000) and a really quick approach. For anyone who arrived in the evening, the Mokpo Climbing Club gym is a few minutes walk from the train station. The plan is to catch a ferry to one of the islands and camp on the beach (though other accomodations are available).

June 3-4 is the weekend; 6th is the holiday. . . I would head down Wed evening and catch a Thurs ferry to scope island 1. . . either give details (ferry times. . . inner island transport. . .) and meet people Fri or go ahead to scope island 2 (if 1 sucks). As always, up for company Thurs!

So far, Gwanmae-do vs. Bigeum-do. . . I'm leaning towards checking out Bigeum-do first because the Mokpo Climbers really tried to steer me there, away from Gwanmae-do. G gets more Internet coverage, however. . . my inclination is to trust real people who I have talked to (one caveat. . . we speak different languages-- but they were climbers) over websites! And if with all my printouts, maps, smiles and pictionary/charades skills I can't find climbing on Bigeum-do or if it looks really sucky, I will head back to Mokpo and we can try Gwanmae-do. If anyone has any information on either of these places, I'd be interested. . .
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