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Lineup for 2010 KOTRi Fundraiserl

Here's the latest post on Schedule, Lineup and Events....all of this information is tentative and scheduled to change, but feel free to check back and keep tabs on what's happening at this year's First Annual KOTR Initiatives Fundraiser


1. "Uncle" DJ Will is in the house for music and entertainment.

2. Live Ukelele action, performed live.

3. Bouldering Presentation/Slideshow homegrown here in SK!

4. Silent Auction with local goods/merchandise/sponsor donations and not
too mention a few one of a kind items from our community!

5. KOTR Initiatives (KOTRi) Presentation (Brief Intro about National Program)

6. Launch/Announcement of Regional KOTRi Program -- How to get involved.

7. Raffle -- including prizes from major sponsors.

8. Demonstration tools from to come and try! If you've ever wanted to train for ice or dry-toolin, these are the latest and greatest!

9. Fire/Glow Stick Show

10. Local/International Food and Beverage Booths

More details to come, within this post...suggestions, ideas or even donations are all welcome.
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