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Any ESL teachers/climbers out there?

So I've been going back and forth with Park Rangers, and I've noticed the increase of forest service search and rescue groups. I thought we might offer to work with national/provicial parks, search and rescue groups and the like.

Who would be interested in

1. developing curriculum (I'd be into working on this, or even chairing it)?

2. promoting and outreach to clubs (I could help with this too)

3. co-ordinating teachers

4. teaching

With so many foreign climbers, and enough of us teachers, it might be useful to get a list of who is willing and a) when b) where they can teach and c) what level of Korean and d-e) what level of climbing/rescue/medial experience they have.

The lessons may be some fun weekends, and doing this could have big payoffs as more and more foreigners come here.
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