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Yeongseo Pokpo May 21st-23rd 2010.

This will be KOTR's first "Initiative." It will take place at Yeongseo Pokpo from May 21st to May 23rd. Our goals are as follows:

Short Term (weekend):
1. English Menus for the Minbak.
2. Cleanup day for the crag.
3. Trail and belay station improvements
4. Rebolting Initiative with Ackdong Club.

Long Term (Spring/Summer):
1. Replacement or Installation of Environmentally friendly toilet.
2. Installation of Trash bins and setup of a regular service for removal of waste.

If you would like to contribute or help, please make donations to the following account:

Bank Name: KEB
Account Number: 620 187059 005
Please add your name or ANONYMOUS to the CMS field, so we know how to list your donation.

All Donations will be accounted for and detailed within this post.
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