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Condolences/ Emergency Relief Fund

It's a terrible truth, but accidents and even deaths DO happen within our hallowed circle of climbers. Sometimes it's whilst climbing, sometimes not. Anyways, I was thinking it would be nice to have a modest fund "in waiting" to pay for the sending of an official KOTR wreath etc in the event of a significant death/ injury etc. It need not specifically be a KOTR member, but rather as someone to whom we feel a significant bond, that metaphysical connection of shared empathy/ life. A world figure, a family mamber, a Korean climbing friend etc
I guess the Council could assess each claim on it's merits, but I doubt it'd be hard to figure out which cases were worthy, and hopefully this fund/ account would be called upon but rarely. A voluntary donation towards it's maintainence by members and a publicly viewable buget of finances therein is all I think we'd need (oh, and an account name, bank and number so people could donate easily whenever they saw fit). I dunno whether such accounts should be anonymous or donors made public...what thinkest you?
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