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I wholeheartedly support the spirit behind this drive of "initiatives" and hope everyone else will too. A bazillion thanks and cudos out to Bryan and Eric for getting this set up and started.
Integrating more and more into the Korean fabric may/ may not be a high priority for each of us as individuals, but for KOTR as a whole and as an entity, I feel it is a crucial move we should all try and facilitate as best we can. Think of it as a macrocosm of a foreigner in Korea. Initially no-one expects that you know any Korean, but after you've been about a few years, people DO expect you to be more aware of the local sensibilities and also to be able to speak some language. We have the same expectations on foreigners in OUR countries, right? Well KOTR has also been about a good few years too and it's time we "leveled up" as an organization...or we risk being seen as an isolationist/ anti-Korean/ irrelevant bunch of "blow-ins".
I'll add that this will be a bit trial and error at first, and that we aren't trying to pimp ourselves as experts in fields we are unqualified to teach, but we should be looking for ways to be part of a broader community and to be good ambassadors for foreigners in general. Some of these initiatives will involve donations of time, money or both...keep a sense of this and what other investments a given initiative may requite of us/ others.
Fingers crossed it all goes well!
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