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More on accommodation

Good notes to have posted Skinsk, thanks! Sure that many climbers are unsure what to do vis-a-vis accom, and YES the 찜 질방s are graet alternative for indiv's and groups. The mountain huts (산장 or 대피소) are great too (especially on Jiri San and Seorak San), but need to booked over the net in advance to be assured of a place. OK usually this isn't a problem, but in vacation seasons or long weekends it can be an issue, so get online (with Korean speaker if need be) and plan ahead where you'll bunk down. Oh and be advised that the food on sale at these mountain huts can be astronomically expensive! Ramyeon (라면) can be upto 6000 won! Best take a good supply of food and be sure take out all your garbage.
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