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Just as a final note. We've currently collect 270,000 in donations for this initiative. Our goal was 300,000 to cover the costs of materials for the weekend.

We spent 49,500 on a "trail kit." This kit consists of a shovel, pick ax, hammer, ax, tool holsters, safety goggles and a variety of other small things, required for trail building. This kit, has been assembled and will continue to be maintained as property of KOTR initiatives, to be used and re-used for future Grassroots and Large National Initiatives. If you have any further questions or are interested in using these items for your project, please contact me, directly. These are open to be used by any members of KOTR.

The rest of the money was originally raised for bolts, hangars, chains, etc. But, Alec decided to donate the materials he purchased, and hoped that the donations would be used for further rebolting initiatives in Yeonseo Pokpo. Thank you Alec!

So, the current amount of 220,500, has been set aside and will be used for purchasing more equipment to assist Han Ik and Ackdong climbing in their rebolting initiative.

If anyone has any questions or objections to how this money was spent or is going to be spent, please feel free to reply or contact me directly.

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