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We're a couple of english teachers/rock climbers/recent arrivees in Miryang, between Pusan and Daegu. We'd like to get our butts in a van sometime soon and get out on it, but Miryang seems a little 'out there' and we're a little daunted, to be honest.

So I guess the first question would be... is there anyone in this neck of the woods who's dying to help us get our climb on? : ) We're both capable climbers, fully equipped for trad and sport situations. We're planning a trip to Pusan next weekend, and would appreciate the guidance of a more experienced visitor. I'm Irish and Stephanie my girlfriend is from the States and we'd be up for travelling by bus or train to nearby convenient towns/cities.

The second question is a little wierder. We can't find US>Korean power adaptors anywhere here. Has anyone managed to buy one here? If so, in what kind of establishment and where?

Any feedback would be much appreciated,

Kind Regards,

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