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Vacationing. . . be safe BUT

please. . . if you are venturing outside of Korea, especially to travel. . . get TRAVEL MEDICAL INSURANCE. . .

If you have only the Korean National Insurance, it won't cover you outside the ROK. . . if you have a different insurance, CHECK! Especially if you plan to visit 3rd world countries and/or climb during the winter break! Insurance is super-cheap (compared to your airticket!) esp for Americans, Canadians and Brits and Euros (and maybe the rest of you, I don't know for sure). . . I've posted links before (search KOTR) or just google. . . I am paying less than $300 for 5 months with extreme sports rider. . .

I speak from experience (see Climbing Magazine or the Thailand Climbing Guide!! . . . or if you think it's a one-off, check out Dave's R&I article. . .) broken ankles happen. . . Tonsai or Hampi and elsewhere for sure, and even if you sell your story you'll wish you had insurance (if you do buy it, chances are you won't get hurt!)

I really don't want to hear another KOTR story of injury and no insurance. . . preferably no injuries. . . but if you do travel, get insurance. . . it's generally under $2 a day (with extreme sports) if you're under 30! Maybe, hopefully!! you won't need it! But if you do, you'll be really glad you had it!!

Safe travels and a brilliant 2008 to all!
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