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Dinner Sat in Seoul (Nov 19)

It seems quite a few of us are meeting Sat evening for dinner at Sanchon, one of my favorite restaurants in Korea, pretty famous for it's vegetarian temple food and traditional arts floor show, both of which are supurb. (it's sort of Rick's b-day celebration, but if you don't know him or any of us, we can take care of that!) It's W29,000 set meal (excluding alcohol), but well worth it for the experience. Even if you can't make it Sun, you're welcome to join! I have reservations under Sonia Knapp for 7:30, you can call the number at and add yourself, or try to reach me and I'll try. . . but I head to Seoul tomorrow (Fri).

If you're not from Seoul, there are nearby guesthouses, dorms. . . if you're low budget, we'll find you an all-night sauna. . . PM me or call if you have questions/concerns.
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