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KOTRI Fall 2011 Initiative -- 9/23-9/25

Hey folks,

KOTRi has some events scheduled for the fall and we're looking for some volunteers, 10 to be exact for Yongseo Pokpo Sept. 23rd - 25th. This is not a "Meet N Greet" or a "Climbing Only" trip. This weekend's primary focus is to continue the upgrading of Yongseo Pokpo's hardware as well as build a new trail to the upper climbs on the right side of the crag. We'll also continue with the replacement of the 2nd pitch anchors on the main wall. If your interested let me know ([email protected]) or update our wall and i'll get back to ya. We only need 10, since space is limited at Yongseo.

As many of you know, Yongseo can't support a large group without planning, so please only come down if you respond and we confirm your slot as a volunteer.

Thanks again, everyone!
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