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RIP Tomaž Humar

Tomaž Humar, considered by many to be among the world's greatest climbers, died on Langtang Lirung on November 10. There was a problem upon descent on Humar's solo climb. Humar narrowly survived a solo attempt on Nanga Parbat, the Devil's Mountain, in 2005.

To give some perspective of Langtang Lirung for those unfamiliar, here's a photo of it:

I spent much of my time during my last journey through the Himalaya around Langtang Lirung, ambling among the glaciers and razor ridges to the east and northeast of Langtang Lirung. It's a cold, barren place, ravaged by winds and most often blanketed in thick sheets of snow and ice.

Rest well, Humar. Tread lightly.
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