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Like the guys have said, best wishes for an amaazing and fast recovery Danielle, being out of climbing can be frustrating....but it can also be good. I took 2 years out once and filled the time with a get away to other things. I lost none of the friendships and none of the passion. Muscle memory and skills won't really fade, even if muscle tone does. You won't ever need be alone at all, so stay focused on what you can/ will be able to do!
Knitting I dunno, but what a chance to study something like art/ language or a new musuical reason not to see you at the crags and entertaining us all!
The insurance company details would be awesome to share, especially if you could include whether you had a good/ bad experience with getting them to pay-out etc.
Take care matey and be strong, heal well and see you soon!
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