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Life in a Turkish hospital

While climbing in Geyikbayiri, Turkey, i was enchanted for a week by the multitudes of amazing tufas and sharp crimpers. Sleeping in a tent at the Josito camp was never better when waking up to the smell of a wood burning fire and climbers stirring in their wake with jingling carabiners near by. This past unfortunate Friday I took a huge 6 metre whipper right before i clipped the anchor on a particularly puzzling onsight, flipped upsidedown and smashed my back into the wall. The impact fractured five of my ribs and they were so sharp that they punctured my right lung. I toughed it qith grinding teeth and with help from fellow climbers, walked oit of there to where the ambulance was witing beyond the boulders. After a rough ride to the hospital, i had to have emergency surgery to extract blood from my lung and air from my thorax- chest cavity. (watching CSI has taught me a lot!) A specialist was called to perform the surgery and it was successful. Im on heavy doses of meds and oxygen to help me breathe. The doctors are positive i'll make a full recovery and thank the Mother Earth i bought insurance for this trip!! The Turkish nurses and doctors are really helpful. Im being taken care of. I hope to still get back the same time, with my flight i already have on feb. 18th. I really am hoping that my brother comes here. So, my climbing trip is over- for a while. At least i can focus on some art and music more. Hopefully i'll be able to climb by the summer. ****! All my hard earned muscles are going to shrink! Yesterday my friend Jan*was here all day and then 3 other climbers from the camp came to visit me. They brought me books and dehydrated apples! Amazing how in only a short week a person can form a bond with another. Such is the international climbing comminity. That is real love! Sadly, actually more devestating than sad, i wont be able to climb for a year. Those of you who know me well know how hard this will be. So, im looking for new hobbies. Can anyone teach me how to knit?
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