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Yeah, it's a sad reflection of the development-obsesses/ jobs for President Lee's construction croney "management" the 'public service ' has fallen under. According to a report released last year not a single cable car in Korea was operating at a profit! Not even the Namsan (N-Tower) one! If the KNPS is so short of cash it can't preserve those area's under it's juristiction, it should re-instate the entrance fees it self-abolished (in an effort to "boost visitor numbers - now a problem!) in 2008. God knows, there are hordes of un-employed who for a modest salary would gladly patrol the parks, enforcing the no litter/ green LNT policies the KNPS claims to promote. Hell my students do part-time jobs for 3,000won/ hour! Stronger enforcement of policies and more rangers (paid for by entrance fees and Presidents Lee's "internship" program) would solve the problem way better than building a monstrous people moving conveyor in a national park. Fools!
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