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This isn't much help to any of the more experienced folk. However, to any other newbies out there like myself, I think it's really helpful for preventing mishaps to have some spare rope on which to practice/perfect knots. Right after getting shoes and a harness, I got a 10' long, 11mm wide, static rope just for this purpose.
I've only been climbing for a couple of months and, so far, I kinda suck at it. But, I'm not bad at all when it comes to securing knots. I'm certain I can tie a figure 8 follow-through (as well as other figure 8 variations) in the dark and upside-down!
If we ever climb together and I check your knot, you can be sure I do so in earnest... even if you insist on using a double bowline

By the way... hello! 안녕! aloha! This was my first post ^_^
I'm not in Korea yet, but I'll be moving there at the end of January. See y'all then!
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