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dcalcek 07-07-2016 07:48 AM

Climbing Helmet V.S USAF
Hello everyone! I am coming to Korea in Feb and I am in the Air Force. I was hoping one of you were military as well or know someone in the military who might be able to answer my question. Does the Air Force require me to wear a climbing helmet or is that my own prerogative?

matt35 09-21-2016 05:25 PM

Last time I checked it was still your choice. With that said I have a briefing on Friday and I will let you know for sure what cc says after that. It is always better to wear one on an unfamiliar route though. I have seen and know of a few injuries that were worse than they should have been due to lack of a helmet.

skinsk 09-22-2016 09:56 PM

I do not know official rules. I have climbed with many, many USAF men and women in Korea over the years (Army people, too). None has worn a helmet consistently, however, if you have it, bring it.

I (most of us) go by the rule of wearing them at crags where there is loose rock (a good rule to follow: if everyone else is wearing one. . . ) and on multi-pitch climbs. Also, as you are coming in Feb, there is ice to consider.

No one will be at the crags to check on you. Apparently it is illegal for under 21 USA military to drink (despite being legal in Korea) or go to Jjimjilbangs. No one in the climbing community is here to police you. We may even lead you astray.

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