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NatDeroxL7 10-01-2019 09:18 PM

Bored, need climbing
I’m way late to the game, got here in June but then work got crazy and I was going on work trips every other week.

Now the heat is done and I’m looking at actually being in Korea steadily. And I’m bored af. Need to start getting out.

It’s been since 2017 that I’ve done any technical climbing, need to get my skills back. I have lots of shiny new gear though! Totally happy to belay and follow for a bit to get back on it. Comfy following 5.9s and moderate 10s for starters. I’ve done climbs around Seoul before, Insubong Chuinard B, Chuinard A, Go deok Wei Gil; a few crags at Gwanaksan; so I know my way around a tiny bit from back in 2016. Really want to train up and do the Ulsanbawi traverse in the spring.

I’d even be willing to just go do some hikes with people lol.


Hit me up on Instagram for a faster reply than on here; nd14411

skinsk 11-03-2019 09:18 PM

Where are you located?

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