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blacklotus 11-23-2012 01:57 PM

correcting bad information - how / why not?
수리산 (Surisan) - crag

I probably would have moved to Gunpo in 2011 if I'd known 수리산 has climbing. But if you search on KOTR for climbing in Gunpo, all you get is the little gym entry I made last year. 수리산 is NOT in or even adjacent to Seoul. REALLY. It is not in Seoul in a similar sense that McKinley is not in Canada and Kilimanjaro is really not in Kenya.

Second place in question: 산사랑 (San Sarang) - gym

Bundang is not in Seoul. Wouldn't you feel more than a little let down if found this page after passing on a splendid job offer because you doubted how much training you could do if you lived near Moran station? Or even if you lived in Seongnam in general?

Third place in question: 모락산 볼더타운 (Moraksan boulder town) - bouldering area
This mistake is much less significant, but on a map, the area is clearly in Uiwang, not Anyang.


Who else thinks these represent a site deficiency, or that in the least, entries need be corrected when bad information is pointed out? My little black text comments on a page aren't going to change the fact that searching for it in it's actual location doesn't render it.

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