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kburts 03-07-2019 04:35 AM

Climbing Partner(s) for Mid-March
Hello KOTR climbers,

I'm Kevin, a Canadian climber/person, and am planning on visiting Korea from March ~12-22.

Ideally I'd love to connect with a couple keen climbers to set up a bunch of days doing (multipitch) trad climbing near Seoul, but also would really like to head down south to Busan and possibly do some sportier climbing down there. Or if you've got a better offer then let me know, I'm keen for most things and my understanding is it's not too hard to train around the country.

I can bring any amount of rope/rack, depending on how well I do my planning before leaving, but would prefer to bring just a single rack+70m rope. I generally climb around low-mid 5.10 in Squamish, so hopefully Korea isn't too much harder, but am happy to do easier or follow harder. I've also got some very basic Korean and would love to practice more - mostly I just know the names of some Korean foods.

Please post here or better would be email me at [email protected] if you're also looking to get some climbing in mid-March!


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