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skinsk 12-13-2007 11:13 PM

Vacationing. . . be safe BUT
please. . . if you are venturing outside of Korea, especially to travel. . . get TRAVEL MEDICAL INSURANCE. . .

If you have only the Korean National Insurance, it won't cover you outside the ROK. . . if you have a different insurance, CHECK! Especially if you plan to visit 3rd world countries and/or climb during the winter break! Insurance is super-cheap (compared to your airticket!) esp for Americans, Canadians and Brits and Euros (and maybe the rest of you, I don't know for sure). . . I've posted links before (search KOTR) or just google. . . I am paying less than $300 for 5 months with extreme sports rider. . .

I speak from experience (see Climbing Magazine or the Thailand Climbing Guide!! . . . or if you think it's a one-off, check out Dave's R&I article. . .) broken ankles happen. . . Tonsai or Hampi and elsewhere for sure, and even if you sell your story you'll wish you had insurance (if you do buy it, chances are you won't get hurt!)

I really don't want to hear another KOTR story of injury and no insurance. . . preferably no injuries. . . but if you do travel, get insurance. . . it's generally under $2 a day (with extreme sports) if you're under 30! Maybe, hopefully!! you won't need it! But if you do, you'll be really glad you had it!!

Safe travels and a brilliant 2008 to all!

skinsk 07-14-2011 02:48 AM

A lot of people are planning trips this time of year, so here's a bumped-up reminder. Especially if you are going to be climbing, you'll want travel medical insurance if you leave Korea this summer. Korean National Insurance will not cover you abroad, your home country insurance may not cover you if you are no longer residing there, and if you are traveling in less developed countries, you may need/want to evacuate or visit a 9001 certified "foreign" hospital which will probably want insurance or a helfty deposit up-front.

After decades of climbing and traveling I've experienced and heard of some horror stories-- insurance can be a real lifesaver and provide incredible peace of mind.

I use Medex, but there are many other options if you google.

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