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kogooma 09-06-2006 07:53 PM

Want job where you can climb 7 days a week?
Looking for a great job in a beautiful city? Do you like to climb 7 days a week? Do you enjoy hiking, camping, mt. biking, trail running and going to the beach? Read on...
Our hagwan in Sok'cho, Gangwondo has an English teaching position opening in mid December. The working hours are from 2 pm to 9 pm Monday to Friday with no week-ends ever. The classes are 50 minutes long with a 10 minute break between (except for the 6pm break which is 15 mins. to allow for dinner) and the first hour of your work day is spent doing prep work for the daily lessons. This hagwan is an ECC/YBM institute and uses the latest materials and curriculum to teach students. The ages of the students range from 8 years old to teenagers with all levels of English. Included in a one year contract are the following;

- return airfare
- free private 4-room apartment
(electricity, gas, telephone, internet, and cell phone bills are paid individually)
- healthcare
- one months salary bonus at completion of contract
- one-time relocation fee of 200,000 won
- hagwan will match pension payments
- two weeks paid vacation (summer and xmas) plus all national holidays
- 2 paid sick days

As a side note, I have worked for this hagwan for three years and can honestly say my W.J.N is one of the best out there. There has never been any problems with money, anything I ever asked for was attended to very quickly and this hagwan is one that actually cares if the students are learning. Most of the teachers have been there for 2-5 years and are great for sharing teaching experience, materials and helpful hints.
So, if your into doing morning missions (check out the pics on the site for Ahgulbawi and Sotuwong Falls), have a B.A and are interested in these positions, email me for more details.

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