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mil-mil 08-27-2009 01:32 PM

Best climbing in Korea
So here is my question to KOTR. If you had 9 days in Korea where would you climb? No bouldering areas please(i have nothing against bouldering, infact i do it quitoften in Japan it's just that this trip is about tall stuff not pebble wrestling). So if you know of any most do under looked gems please throw them out. Anything form Trad multi-pitch to hard sport areas to 30 pitch ridge lines. I know alot of areas have been discovered sense i left so please cough up what you know.

Thanks in Advance


nationalpickleday 08-31-2009 10:50 PM

wow, only 9 days...
If it were me and I knew how to get around Korea fast in 9 days, I would do this...
Seoul for 2 days. It has it all! There is a great sport area called Surisan and also the granite domes of Insubong, Suninbong and Donbongsan in Bukhansan national park. There are some serious quality lines.

Seoraksan 2 days. It is amazing! Granite multipitch for the most part, but you can find a few sport crags around too.

Then to Yeongso Pokpo for 2 days. There is a waterfall and some great sport lines that can also take gear. Most are single pitch. This place is my fave, (watch out for busy weekends anywhere). Koreans love their outdoor sports.

It`ll take you less than a day to get to each of these areas. If all you want to do is climb, go for gold!

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