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parkw86 03-21-2019 12:26 AM

Climbing Partner
Hello everyone,

My name is Woorae (우래) and I travel to Korea frequently for work. I live in Los Angeles CA and relatively new to climbing. I only have sport climbing gear and I have no trad gear. But I can bring my 60m rope, quick draws, own harness, gri, etc.

If anyone needs a climbing partner in Korea, I usually spend 1 or 2 weekends each trip and want to start exploring as the weather warms up.

Feel free to reply here or msg me at [email protected]! Thanks!


skinsk 04-24-2019 08:38 PM

Heya, I live here (but travel during summer winter vacations). I am having problems since shattering my elbow last summer (got the hardware out, but still very weak and painfull). That said, I have camping climbing equipment and a car and knowledge of the areas. 010-4185-ROCK

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