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jaknecky 05-03-2015 12:50 AM

Does anybody know if there is any canyoning (or decent gorge walking) in Korea - or any sites that might have some potential for exploring?

The terrain here looks like it ought to offer something - although I've heard the Summers can be quite dry.

So far, all I have managed to find are a few blog entries about river trekking and one youtube video of Sancheong that almost, but not quite (despite the name), showed some canyoning over here.

I've heard there are restrictions on swimming in certain places - although I'm more interested in checking these places out discreetly.

The waterfalls around Seoraksan look nice - good smooth rock that ought to lend itself well to slides - and some decent swimming pools - but I guess this place will be busy and any national park rules will be more tightly enforced.
The last thing I want to do is upset anybody.

I also saw some trails around Jirisan that followed the streams - taking in a few waterfalls - that offered something fairly similar to what you might find in the UK.

Kuryong (Guryong) looked just right - but I doubt that is going to happen.

I am really hoping there are places in Gangwon-do, or reasonably close to Seoul.

What is above Yeongso falls?
Or any of the ice climbing venues on decent waterfalls.

I've tried asking a few climbers here - but interest seemed very limited - perhaps because there isn't anything - or I didn't explain myself very well.

I just feel convinced that there ought to be something. I'm not expecting canyons of the variety you find on the European continent, but the sport is developing quite quickly in Scotland - with new canyon descents popping up here and there - in places that people had never thought to check out before. Even I was surprised at the quality of some of the descents there. Routes that appeared near waterfalls that had very little notoriety - usually because of their accessibility.

If anybody knows anything - has any ideas - or is interested in helping me look - any help would be hugely appreciated.


samcheonpooli 05-29-2015 11:33 AM

I know nothing about it but it sounds awesome! I would say it is likely to be banned in the national parks but have you tried asking them? If you have some kind of certification or something maybe they'd let you give it a go. Does it matter how big the river is or how long?

jaknecky 05-29-2015 01:12 PM

Ideally, I want to find a steep and narrow canyon - with waterfalls to abseil, rock smooth enough to slide, and pools deep enough to jump in.
But, I would genuinely be happy with anything here -
Swimming spots, Jump pools, or gorges to scramble through.
Big, short, long and small rivers are all of interest right now.

I already guessed that it would be prohibited in the national parks, but that isn't too uncommon even outside of Korea. Canyoning is often something that has to be done discreetly - although I'm not too keen on getting in trouble.

Since posting this I actually found a couple of trip reports posted online. They're not exactly what I was looking for - but they are promising.
I have a growing list of places to check out - but most of these are just touristy spots. The availability of useful English language information has been fairly limited.

Looking at the terrain here - I think there ought to be some good descents to explore. It's just a matter of finding the information - and sharing it.

I've just started a facebook page (Korean Canyoning) - but I haven't pushed it yet, because I still don't really have anything to share.

Really, just the fact that a few people have expressed some interest is promising enough.

jaknecky 06-14-2015 03:52 PM

A link to the facebook page:-


Numbers are small right now, but there are a few of us now who are keen to get out and explore.

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