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Dansan Submitted on October 28th, 2005 by skinsk Print
Type: Rock Climbs Province: Jeju-Do City: Seogwipo
Park: n/a Rating: 5.7 - 5.11 Style: Sport
Views: 8490 Photos: 2 Photo(s) - Add Photos Maps: 1 Image(s) - Add Images

This small "mountain" (158m) is just 1k west of the beautiful and rocky and way more impressive-looking Sanbangsan (just down from Hwasan Beach) in the SW corner of the island. "Mount Dan tuff cone, or Bagumji Oreum is classified as the oldest pyroclastic sedimentary layer in the geological layer classification of Jeju Island." Not the choicest spot on Jeju-do, but if you've exhausted Oedolgae and have a few hours and want to check out the Western area and get in a few routes, here they are. The island is so compact, it's only about 30 minutes from Sogwipo.

Hwy 12 W from Sogwipo, then S on 1121, then through the farm roads to the ridge that points towards Sanbangsan and faces the sea. We parked on a pullout near a bridge across a small stream. Use the farmers paths and not their fields, please. There's an obvious, if a bit overgrown, path to the ridge, and a few bolts visible. Mostly slabby with buldgy spots or headwalls up higher. Great views of nearby farms, sea, and island. If you follow the base of the ridge, you'll step over an old barbed wire for the last of the bolted climbs, an easy slab to a verticle but short headwall. The highest official climb is 30m, but most are 20. They range from 5.8- (one) 5.11 with no more than 6 bolts (as most is pretty slabby). Not much opportunity for gear.

Don't imagine any busses get too close (maybe Sanbangsan). . . perhaps a cab driver would know Dansan.

Safety Concerns
Some loose rock.

The trail is full of stickers and some big spiders-- look carefully where you walk. Long pants/sleeves are recommended as well as good approach shoes. Extra webbing for anchors may be necessary. The routes were put in in 1980, but the (very few) bolts we saw/used looked good.

Gear to Bring
8 draws, some slings, and a 60 meter rope, though 50m will work for most climbs. An alert belayer who knows the middle mark or a knot in the end of the rope can save a limb or life.

Additional Comments
No food, water, or amenities near-by. From the roads signs point to (in Korean), and from the cliff one can see, a small, quaint hot springs resort at the base below another rocky ridge of Dansan. This might be a nice place to visit/stay.

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