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Eongtto Waterfall Submitted on October 28th, 2005 by skinsk Print
Type: Rock Climbs Province: Jeju-Do City: Seogwipo
Park: n/a Rating: 5.10 - 5.13 Style: Trad/sport
Views: 11046 Photos: 7 Photo(s) - Add Photos Maps: 2 Image(s) - Add Images

A beautiful, seasonal waterfall with 50m cliffs. The routes range from 12-23 meters and start at 10b (going to 12c, with an estimated 5.13 offwidth overhanging crack). Bring a headlamp to explore the cave. From the cave (far left, facing the falls) there's an unbolted 10b crack system and a mossy 12b/c face to the visible anchor (2 bolts and webbing). . . moving towards the falls a few bolts lead to the 13? crack. The other routes can be accessed from a sketchy downclimb over a lot of trees and rocks or from the bottom via the other branch of the boardwalk. They are all left of the "falls". The traverse to the big roof crack is graded 10b?! but lacks an anchor;9 The well-bolted stem crack is 12 b/c, followed by a 10b (6 bolts), and by the water's edge an 11b/c and a 10b/c. The rock is solid if a bid verdant in spots and dirty in spots. Koreans use a big tree(from the pile in the corner) to lay across and avoid the garden start. We spotted and found some solid holds there. The webbing is a bit old and replacing it would be a kind deed.

Eongtto Falls is in N Sogwipo, just behind City Hall and across the street from the baseball museum (you can scope cliffs from here), accessible from a small access road off 16. It's on the official Sogwipo City map. The access road begins just E of where you hit 16 driving up from city hall (look for a small green fading sign that says in Korean Eongtto Pokpo 1.2k, and turn L at the next similar sign that points to the falls 1k more. From the W, the turnoff is just before the baseball museum, across the street from the Pine Tree Homestay (sign in English). Signs on the road (in Korean) point the way to the Dong San. . . . Church . . . follow the signs to the church that indicate turning on the first real right (you'll have crossed the (dry in Oct) creek. Park in the chuch lot and head up the trail directly opposite, through the rusty gates (if you are Christian, you can pray first, and then climb without losing much daylight!). Follow this short trail up and along the wooden boardwalk. The cliffs are visible much of the short approach. Didn't see any public busses from Sogwipo, though a cab would be cheap (and you could point to the falls on the map) or you could lengthen the approach by walking from the Baseball Museum. The following link might also help: http://ctown.jeju.go.kr/eng/tourism/...tail.php?id=38

Safety Concerns
Anchors that we saw seemed the usual bots with webbing "death triangles". Off the boardwalks, the ground is rocky and covered with leaves, pine needles, etc. Bring good shoes and test the ground as it's easy to fall trhough the leaves. Saw a small shed snakeskin.

Gear to Bring
10 draws, some slings, and a 50 meter rope'll do ya. Additional gear to do most of the cracks might include small to medium pieces. If you want to try the (still waiting for a first ascent?) 5.13? crack, bring some big gear-- that #5 cam (or two).

Additional Comments
No food (except the tangerine orchards) or water in the immediate area, so bring what you need. No bathroom. Then again, we didn't try the church. Sogwipo is near by. No camping on-site.

Comment added by rich on December 12th, 2005
Rent a Bongo van for a few days and sleep near the site. I belive there are a few hostels on the island.

Also, how old are the bolts & anchor system?

Comment added by skinsk on April 21st, 2007
These routes are from 2003-- and far enough from the sea . . .

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