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Yugok-myeon Deep Water Solo River Camp Ground Submitted on September 27th, 2010 by Brad Print
Type: Bouldering Province: Gyeongsangnam-Do City: Uiryeong
Park: n/a Rating: V0 - V0 Views: 7377
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A great Campground with a 3m deep swimming hole and a number of cliff bands that offer DWS and bouldering including a number of difficult problems

Near Sinban-Ri. From the main sinban crag you can either take the directions on the map or you can just go south down the 20 towards uiryeong then take a right on to the 1041 road. After passing a small town called Yugok-myeon it will be on the river to your right, just after a small sport park.

Safety Concerns
I pulled off a Rock higher up. Once your above 10m you have a good chance of hitting the bottom. If you topped out the main cliff who knows what would happen.

Additional Comments
Great summer swimming hole, pagoda, tent spots bathroom and water access a riverside pebble beach. Bring food with you though they will pick up the garbage if left on the roadside in an Uiryeong bag. This is a great campground to hit up the 3 crags in the Sinban area.

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