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Wonju Pandae Artifical Ice Park Submitted on January 25th, 2010 by jason in Sokcho Print
Type: Ice Climbs Province: Gyeonggi-Do City: Wonju
Park: n/a Rating: 3 - 6 Views: 9839
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Pandae is similar in construct to Yong Dong Ice Park, although smaller in total climbing area. Pandae has four areas all situated across a rock face. From the left the first area has ice up to 25M and has a large number of natural anchor points (some with slings and rings attached to natural features already) across the top. There is no access up the back so all routes for Pandae must first be led before top roping is possible. Ensure you bring a strong climber who can lead and place a TR. About 7 ropes are possible on the far left area. 60M ropes are required plus ability to make anchors if required.

The second area to the right of the first is a 60M pitch that will require a 100M rope and a additional 50m or 60m rope tied together. About 6-8 ropes would be possible spaced out within this area, however for some reason the ropes seem to cluster reslting in people climbing side by side and sometimes on top of each other. In the the middle the ability to climb and fix an anchor halfway up the pitch on some exposed rock is possible (depending on ice coverage for the season). Come equipped here to rig your own anchors above.

The third area is even higher at around 80m while the fourth is around 20-25M, similar to the first area.

Sundays see are large inflow of people, but the possibility may exist for someone to take your rope up if you are not confident enough to lead the route.

The quality of the climbing is good and while not ideal for absolute beginners ( 85-95 Degrees in most areas), the 25m areas will be okay to kick off. Happy climbing.

I have no bus details, so someone please add these.

For driving, please view this link and use the Google translate option to understand the map if you can not read Korean or follow my directions below.

http://maps.naver.com/?level=5&lat=37.3462688&lng=127.8125298&slng=127.8 26737&slat=37.311925&elng=127.7930531&elat=37.3806 301&pathType=0&dtPathType=2&menu=route&mapMode=0&s Text=66y466eJSUM%3D&eText=7YyQ64yA7Jyg7JuQ7KeA&enc =b64

Driving, take the Munmak IC turnoff from highway 50. Pandae is 10.5 km from the IC. After exiting the toll gate go straight and either take your first right at the lights (49) or second right HW42. Both these roads will merge in around 500M to become HW42 after first crossing a bridge on both roads. Where the roads merge, take a sharp left at the intersection and follow the road until you travel over a bridge. Immediately after crossing the bridge turn left and go straight for 270 m where you will take a left (no other turnoffs before this point). Go Straight for 1.8km and turn left online highway 88.Go straight on 88 for 2.1km following the river and then take the first right after the GS service station (about 230m after the service station). Travel straight for 1.7km crossing the river twice during this time. After crossing the river the second time take your first right about 100m after the river. Cross another bridge which is very close after that turn and follow the road around a short distance where you will see car parking on the left and the ice from the road.

Good luck

Safety Concerns
Falling ice and people climbing directly above you on the narrower longer pitches. Helmets as always are essential. People calling falling ice (Nak Bing) is pretty good, but does not always happen.

Gear to Bring
As many screws as you feel comfortable leading on, slings and beaners or rings for anchors (some seasonal anchors are fixed on natural points, but come prepared just in case. Climbing grades from WI3 to WI6

Additional Comments
The area is shaded from the sun all day long so the ice remains in good condition. Cellphones work from there. No food available at the ice, so bring food.

Comment added by jhalpin on January 13th, 2013
Public Transit Directions:

Here is a link to the Google Placemark:
<https://maps.google.com/maps/myplaces?hl=en&vpsrc=1&ctz=-540&ie=UTF8&ll=37.368735,127.797632&spn=0.00868,0. 01929&t=m&z=16&iwloc=A>

Unfortunately, the Google Maps search engine won't take you there. But it will get you really close:
<https://maps.google.com/maps/place?ftid=0x35636d856c9c76d9:0xf3e2dc912e79a405&q =Pandae-ri,+Jijeong-myeon,+Wonju-si,+Gangwon-do,+South+Korea&hl=en&ie=UTF8&ll=37.458236,127.646 027&spn=0.000273,0.000343&t=m&z=12&vpsrc=0&start=1 &geocode=FVKCOgIdMBOeBynZdpxshW1jNTEFpHkukdzi8w%3B FbxQOgIdlZOTBykb7LBQPFh7NTFilxuNKE0HIA>

From Cheongnyangni Station take the train to Wonju. From Wonju take the train to Pandae Station. The Google Map is a little confusing at this point because the new station is across the river from the old one that is shown on the map. Cross the bridge, go right and follow the river until you see the ice. It is a 45 minute to an hour walk. You can see the ice when you are a little more than halfway there. Once you see all that ice you will forget all about how far you walked!

Comment added by jhalpin on May 21st, 2014
Google Maps works better now. Here are the new Google Map Co-ordinates: 37.368735,127.797632

Comment added by sparkyromad on December 14th, 2017

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