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Igidae Submitted on May 5th, 2009 by yandy Print
Type: Rock Climbs Province: Gyeongsangnam-Do City: Busan
Park: n/a Rating: 5.4 - 5.12 Style: Traditional
Views: 7624 Photos: 25 Photo(s) - Add Photos Maps: No Maps - Add Images

Sea cliffs similar to those at Seongdo, but from what I can tell none of it has ever been climbed. At first glance I thought the rock would be a bit flakey, but after a few tests, it seemed pretty firm. Loads of pockets and jugs, roofs, aretes, the lot. A few of the climbs would have to be trad multi-pitch. I also think it would be fairly easy to put up a top rope on some of the smaller pitches.

At the base of the cliffs there are heaps of boulders. Lots with roofs and overhangs. Most have so many pockets they look like Swiss cheese, hard Swiss Cheese, so are probably quite easy for stronger climbers.

On top of all this, I spotted a couple of places that have potential for DWS. Nothing spectacular or highball, but they had overhanging starts. The landings need scoping, but they looked okay from above.

Get the subway to Kyungsung University. Then you'll have to hop in a taxi and ask for Igidae gongwon. It'll only be about 3000won. The cliffs are about 4km long and the bigger, trad stuff is towards the west end.

Safety Concerns
There's clearly regular rock fall, because of the amount of debris on the beach. Wear a helmet for anything on the cliffs.

There are lots of fisherman. Korean fisherman are like cats, they like to mark their territory with urine, so be careful where you're putting your hands. They may also leave hooks and lines lying around.

There is quite a lot of barbed wire lying around, but mainly off the trails.

Gear to Bring
Full trad rack.

A couple of pads should cover most of the bouldering landings.

A kayak/dinghy. The sea seemed pretty tame when I was there. (May)

Additional Comments
There's a minbak with nice views. There's also a place under the bigger cliffs with a fresh water spout.

I'd like to say it would be nice to camp, but there's still a small military lookout point, so they might have something to say about that.

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