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Taejosan Amjang(climbing) Submitted on June 25th, 2006 by Shagymb Print
Type: Gyms Province: Chungcheongnam-Do City: Cheonan
Phone: unavailable URL: unavailable Address: unavailable
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Didn't actually get to go in it was closed the Sunday we tried to visit.

Looked like a nice place with some lead climbing and bouldering.

8-12 meters high

Open 10-2230 not sure what days of the week.
Closed on Sundays durring the summer for sure

Located in the Taejosan Park. From the Cheonan Interchange go north(right) when exiting Hwy 1 on the first road after the exit. Take the first major right under HWY 1 heading toward the Heoso University. The first road past the Unversity take a right following the signs in korea to the Taejosan Park. This road gose up and winds past a Boat shaped restaurant. At the top of the hill there is a metal walking bridge. Keep going to the bottom where the road makes a Y go left. Up the hill past the Nation Disaster something or other. The park that the gym is in is on your left. The first road to the left leads into the park. You have to pay and park walk up into the park and the gym is just past the bathrooms. The Lat Long to the Gym is N 36Degrees 49'24.8" E127Degress 11'32.6"

Comment added by shanja on August 25th, 2008
This is a sweet gym! The park is very wel known by all taxi drivers and busses also run there. The gym isn't open on weekends, as it is a free to use Government amanity type gym. The walls are high - 12m I think and the left side has a few easier routes. The centre overhang section is wicked! Hard and intimidating,but lots of fun there too. The facilities are pretty damn good too. It's used for National comps at imes, so you'll find showers and bathrooms and some viewing platforms (great or telephoto zoom photography). The back section has some seriously steep cave bouldering, as well as some exercise equipment.
To get there isn't easy by car, unless you know the way. There are signs, but te roads are a bit confusing. Still, a search of Cheonan bus routes or a Cheonan street map should see you right. Just look or Taejosan Park.

Comment added by swixjohnson on November 11th, 2010
The gym is still alive and kicking. You can take bus 51 from Yawoori to the park in which the gym resides in. Simply walk up the raod inside of Taejosan park and you will see it. There are many new bouldering routes going in right now ranging from 5.6-5.13+. The climbing wall offers only 1 easier route (5.9) and two 5.10 Bs. The rest of the routes are quite challenging. The showers are only usable in the summer, but there are bathroom facilities there. Gym has maintains winter hours which means that it is only open on Monday, Wednasday and Friday.

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