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Akdong Alpine Club
Submitted on April 25th, 2008 by skinsk Type: Gyms    Province: Jeollanam-Do    City: Gwangyang   
 photo Old, small, friendly gym in the basement below a small climbing shop. There's a foreigner there, and if you're in the region, this is probably the place to be. Akdong has been around since 1991? and is the creative force behind the bulk of the climbs at Yongseo Falls.... [Read More]

Kayasan Am Jang
Submitted on October 4th, 2005 by skinsk Type: Rock Climbs    Province: Jeollanam-Do    City: Gwangyang   
 photo Faces, cracks, chimneys, roofs, overhangs, slabs all bolted and most easily accessible to toprope. (Some would be quite sporty leads). Height ranges from 6-20 meters. All of the climbs are bolted, with a few fixed pins in between. Some of the bolts are well-spaced and there is potential for decking, but most of the climbs that could be plugged with gear are less run out, and you'd likely feel you hauled extra gear for nothing. 50+ routes on several large rock outcroppings, with some bouldering potential in the area. Rock was pretty solid. Ancho... [Read More]

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