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KOTR is looking for a new owner. Are you a developer, a climber and have plans to stay in Korea for a while? If so, email me at [email protected]
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Unread 12-20-2010, 12:39 AM
skinsk's Avatar
skinsk skinsk is offline
Join Date: Jan 2005
Location: Jochiwon (Sejong City)
Posts: 2,552
Reel Rock Film Tour

Great trip to Seoul! Awesome to see so many old/new(young?) people! great to win fun prizes, eat yummy hummous and laugh tears to Top Rope Tough Guys!! Thanks Dee for crash space and all the organizers for an amazing event! hope to help y'all use the funds raised for some much needed initiatives!
"If you can't do something well, you might as well learn to enjoy doing it poorly." -- from a de-motivational poster, but I find it oddly liberating!
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Unread 12-20-2010, 11:12 PM
Louise Louise is offline
Jiri Jammer
Join Date: Mar 2009
Location: nowon, seoul
Posts: 97
Hey guys,

I had an awesome night. I felt like a kitten on speed running around the place seeing so many people I hadnt see in ages. Thank you so so so much for all the hard work you guys put in. Its brilliant to know such amazing people in Korea.

Have a fantastic Christmas,

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Unread 12-21-2010, 11:13 AM
shanja's Avatar
shanja shanja is offline
Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: Daejeon
Posts: 1,386
Yup, it was an awesome night and so many thanks to everyone who showed up and all those amazing people like Theresa, Bryan, Jason, Grace, Les, Sujin etc who worked so hard to make it all happen. 3.3 million roughly raised we think and a lot of good will and interest generated with the Korean climbing community (the real goal) too!
quem deus perdere vult, primus dementat
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Unread 12-21-2010, 03:20 PM
panicked_bear's Avatar
panicked_bear panicked_bear is offline
Good vibrations
Join Date: Feb 2009
Location: Daejeon
Posts: 109
Awesome night, amazing venue and very well done all around!

I've lost my donation form!

Can someone post the bank account details for where the silent auction bids go?

Put the bibim back in the bap.
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Unread 12-22-2010, 09:00 PM
Les's Avatar
Les Les is offline
Halla Hanger
Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: Seoul
Posts: 165
Matt, I'll also send you my account number. those blueberry waffles don't come free you know!
Oh, the delicate peregrinations of those ten sensitive fingers, scuttling across the rocks in desperate Braille. - Sid Marty
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