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Unread 01-21-2007, 06:24 PM
avenue's Avatar
avenue avenue is offline
Working it out
Join Date: Jun 2006
Location: Seoul...(Nakseongdae)
Posts: 150
Thumbs up GINORMOUS Thanks!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Eric and Karen for the fantastic party, beer, and amazing food. That was quite the display of generosity! Another big thank you goes out to Jake and Kyung Ah for doing a lot of the organizing.

I'm thrilled that I was able to make it down and meet you all--seriously a bunch of fantastic characters! I'm looking forward to future KOTR gatherings....

I can only get better....because I can't get any worse!
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Unread 01-21-2007, 09:34 PM
Joanne Joanne is offline
Seorak Sender
Join Date: Oct 2006
Posts: 10
Hey, I'd like to say thanks too! (Esp to Eric, Karen, Jake and Kyeong Ah for arranging everything and all that food!) It was awesome! It was great to get out and meet you all.
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Unread 01-21-2007, 09:39 PM
skinsk's Avatar
skinsk skinsk is offline
Join Date: Jan 2005
Location: Jochiwon (Sejong City)
Posts: 2,536
agreed. . . the s of the border feast gave that meet and greet feeling. . . hope the chili makes it to future gatherings.! . . great to see so many new people. . . i really look forward to a new climbing season of travels and adventures with y'all this spring!
"If you can't do something well, you might as well learn to enjoy doing it poorly." -- from a de-motivational poster, but I find it oddly liberating!

Last edited by skinsk : 01-22-2007 at 08:12 AM.
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Unread 01-22-2007, 08:01 AM
climbhigher14k's Avatar
climbhigher14k climbhigher14k is offline
Steadily growing stronger...
Join Date: Aug 2006
Location: Wonju, Gangwon-do
Posts: 101
A Glorious Weekend

Thanks for a great weekend everyone! Jessie and I are pumped that we were able to hang out with all of you!

Jake and Kyung Ah, thanks for organizing everything! I hope to hit up Insubong with you sometime this spring!

Eric and Karen, thanks for the AMAZING hospitality!

Hope to see all of you out on the rock this spring.


BTW- If anyone has any requests... we will be back in the States for the month of February... let us know!
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Unread 01-23-2007, 08:32 PM
ricardo's Avatar
ricardo ricardo is offline
Aggressive Sheep
Join Date: Jul 2005
Location: Okinawa
Posts: 628
i'm so bummed to have missed out on the fun!! work festivities and then an early work day (yes, on saturday) left me drained. i've been so out of touch with the KOTR family...hope to see you soon!!!!!
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