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Here's info for Busan Tre X-game!!!

I just got off a phone with my friend working for this game.
He says that the host organization of this game still needs a lot more foreigneers(seems that they need 30 more foreign competitors). No requirement needed (doesn't matter how well you climb), just fill out the form I attached with photo, and send at this address : [email protected] or [email protected] that's it!!!

Yes, the host org. will provides participants with two days acomodation including food and around 100,000 won for transportation expenses. Game stats Sat. 27th, so participants should get here no later than 7am on Sat.

I really hope/ strongly recommend that all KOTRers participate this international Tre-X game.

When you sign up for this game you'll get ID card, with the ID card you are able to watch any game competing during the Tre-X game in Busan (perhaps, can see famous world calss climbers too).

Any question ? just call me 011-595-3701. Hurry up!!!
Gee!! I can't attach application form, just let me know if you want to join this game I'll mail you the form.
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