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Originally Posted by mil-mil
i am in the same boat with lindsey O2 world sat and would love to go to this event on sunday.

Okay, cool. I'll mark you down.

Please remember, everyone, that as this is the first year that we're organizing this event, it's rather exclusive regarding space - we're limited. So, please verify with certainty by at least a week before the event whether you can make it or not. That way, if there's anyone who really wants to go and can 100% make it, they won't miss out.

I wish everyone could be there! In fact, I spoke to Mr Cho (I got his full name: Cho Young-chang) this morning and he's already said that Gangbuk-Gu Jung is willing to support us again next year and establish a bigger venue. So, for this year, we're humble - next year, humble but in a bigger place.

An update:

We've secured another speaker. Ms Shin Min-kyoung, one of the cheif organizers of the Samgaksan International Mountain Festival will attend and give a talk regarding the Festival. She's a really nice lady and it should be nice to hear what is planned for next year's Festival. This year's Festival was not too bad, but there simply wasn't enough 'international' in that international festival.
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