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I'd be up for 02 (unless this is my Kimjang day) and would be willing to demo what I know about ice climbing (mostly technique, but that's about all one could do in 02 anyway). . . though if there's ice nearby at that time (Surak?) and we can get enough tools, that might be better. Problem with a Saturday at 02 is its limited space. I believe they have lessons there at this time, so actually getting on any of the routes (not neccessary for a demo, but something everyone would want to try, I'd guess) might not be feasable. And I don't know how much I want to pay to sit or stand around the giant ice box! I wonder if people would be willing to pool tools and maybe go in shifts-- save on rentals and get in more practice. Of course, if there's a set time we could reserve it, all the better.
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