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Exclamation December 9th Seoul, U.N. International Mountain Day Ceremony

OK folks here is the good oil (beta) on what we are all hoping will be the start of a ever bigger and better annual event. I didn't pen this piece, Hypoxic (Shawn) authored it, but take the time to read it and follow the links both to the U.N.'s site and also to KML's site. Like KOTR they are true mountain lovers, and we ought do more to work with them. OK enough preaching, all our best to you all.
The time is coming yet again - December 11, the United Nations International Mountain Day.
Established after the UN designated 2002 as the International Year of the Mountain, UNIMD is a day to mark the ecological, cultural, and emotional importance that mountains hold for us. Along with Earth Day (April 22), this is one of the most important days on the KML's calendar. (*Earth Day is also the anniversary of the founding of the KML).

This year's UNIMD theme is Facing Change: Climate Change in Mountain Areas.

This year, the KML will be hosting an event to honour UNIMD on Sunday, December 9, in the Gangbuk District of Seoul. In the south-eastern foot hills of Samgaksan (Bukhansan), the event will be attended by some of the most active and vibrant figures of Korea's mountain world. Speaking at the event will be:

- Cho - - : organizer for the Samgaksan Campaign
- David A. Mason: Cultural & Tourism professor, Kyunghee Univeristy; expert on Korea's mountain worship folk traditions
- Jake Preston: mountaineer; representative of Korea on the Rocks
- Rayn Roberts: poet; expert on the Buddhist traditions of Korea's mountains
- Roger Shepherd: trekker; cheif field researcher of the Baekdu Daegan Expedition Project
- Shawn James Morrissey: Korean Mountaineering League president

These speakers, in their personal expertise, will bring various different personalities and opinions to the event, but will all be speaking under a single ideal: we must protect our mountains. From ecology to culture to recreation and more, this event promises to be a time of fellowship and peace highlighted by knowledge and compassion for the prosperity of Korea's highlands.

There will also be a tour of nearby Buddhist temple, Doseonsa, a traditional shamanic mountain-spirit worship ceremony, and a traditional Korean dinner.

Everyone is invited, but space is limited. If you're interested in joining us for this event to mark the United Nations International Mountain Day, please contact us by e-mail. If you're unable to join us, we encourage you to mark the day in your own way: go for a hike or a climb, pick up some litter from a busy trail, raise a toast to the mountains, spread awareness. For more infomation visit UNIMD website here. The UNIMD Commitee has informed us that the site will be updated in the coming days.

Let's work together to keep days such as this in the public eye so the importance of conservation itself remains fresh in the collective mind of those who can make a difference.

You can point people to the KML site too if you like.
Talk soon.

- Shawn
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