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Unread 04-22-2007, 04:31 PM
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OK-- so I fixed the Korean in area posts (at work). . . but I wonder why when I go in and edit (the English) at home, I can still see the Korean, until I hit "save". . .

. . .but would it be easy to update the photo viewing software with a slideshow (or simply "next") function. . .
Jake-- this should be another thread, as it's a whole different thing that Korean on a Mac. . . not that I never get off topic. . . but people might ignore it here (if they don't have a mac; I know I tend to avoid techie threads like I avoid jargoned conversations. . . ) but they might have suggestions if you start a "slideshow" thread.

Personally, I like the random photos on the home page and across the photoplog, but I don't want to look at every photo equally (as in slideshow). . . though I am not against the option for people who do. I like that I can search, view the pics I want as long as I want, and ignore the bad ones Anyway, I'm not 100% sure I understand what you want? Something that allows a slideshow through the entire category (i.e. International)? or through someone's personal gallery (i.e. skinsk's fun photos). . . oh, weell, I'll let E answer. I am just sick at home and thus confined to my computer.
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