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Sounds like it. . . although now there are #5 cams and big-bros instead. . . imagine, we didn't recongnize a bong when we saw it?!

A note to "newbies": Be aware this isn't the be-all end-all "dictionary" of climbing. This is more of a list people compiled off the top of their heads. For example, you can short-rope someone by not paying attention and end up pulling the leader off. If you use use tension to try to reduce a fall (or swing) you are aid climbing! Another example: anything less than vertical is a slab. . . features or not! I would only use the term "anchor" for the beginning and ending point of a pitch, and not for anywhere the rope attaches to the rock. Overall, it's good, but I there are numerous "interpretations" and a few outright mistakes, as Rick noted with arete!

If it's copyrighted, I'd check with the person before reprinting it in it's entirety, but you do credit him and I doubt he'll sue However, my brother is a publisher, and for example, he can't allow just anyone to reprint the info. (Though he'll select certain topos, etc to post on various sites.) Publishers are people that have to make money, too!

I still highly recommend Mountaineering: Freedom of the Hills, the Bible of mountain sports published by the Mountaineers and updated regularly (you can get the "old" versions cheap through Amazon).
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