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great post rockboy! love the humorous twist!

my 2 cents...
Arete A narrow (more or less - but often more less than more - horizontal) ridge.
"more or less vertical ridge" ??
Bail To give up on a rock climb or a summit attempt because of bad weather coming in.
or simply because you got in way over your head (too bad i can't use the 'bad weather' excuse all the time!)
Butterfly knot Interesting but rarely used climbing knot. Alpine butterfly
maybe not used in rock, but is a better knot (than figure8 on a bite) for tying into the middle of a glacier rope
N?? Consolidated granular snow formed by repeated freeze-and-thaw cycles. Also used to indicate permanent snowfields.
N?? = neve?? definition sounds more like corn snow

Sonia/Yats...think this is this what we saw at wolchulsan?
Bong An almost extinct species of extra wide pitons. Now, large chocks are usually used instead.
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