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I'm going to make a run to E-Mart tonight and try and get some of the stuff that Scott was going to bring. I don't know how much of a selection E-mart has so stuff like tortillas are maybes.

South of the Border dinner Saturday

7? layer dip-- Jason
chips (how many?)--Scott Patrick
tortillas (how many?) --- Scott Patrick
meat (enough chicken and beef for a small army) --Scott
southwestern hummous-- Danielle
black beans-- Danielle
onions (say 6?)-- engel
tomatoes (8 large?)--engel
peppers (2-3 red, yellow, orange, green. . . maybe some hot!)--
garlic (one bag?)--engel
mexican spice mix for salsa-- Sonia
cheese (jack, cheddar) --Jean
refried beans (vegetarian)--Jean
refried beans (non-veg)--Jean
sour cream-- (I'll try!) Simon Patrick
guacamole--(avo, tomatoes, onions) Tashy
tequlia--Scott Patrick
margarita mix--Jean
beer (Sonia-3)

Sunday breakfast

coffee-- Sonia (one bag) Scott (4 pounds) Jake (the rest that we'll likely need!)
milk-- Simon
soy milk--Tashy
sugar--Sonia (for 9 coffees)
Korean pancake mix-- Sonia and Jake (done)
pancake mix--Jean amnd Jake (done)
blueberries -- Simon
orange juice--Tashy
muffins (15020)--Scott
eggs--Tashy (be careful with those!!)

stoves-- Sonia (1) Jake (1) Tashy (1) Patrick (1)
oil-- Sonia
chopping boards--engel, Sonia
knives-- Sonia (2)
cheese grater--Sonia
pots-- Sonia (2, small, vegetarian)
pans-- Sonia ( 1 frying, 1 pancake, also vegetarian) Jake (1 non-vegetarian frying)
spatula--Sonia (1)
radom utensils-- Tashy
coffee makers-- Sonia (2 drips, one "2" cup espresso maker, milk frother, filters for 10) Jake- perk!
dishes--for 10-- Sonia
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